About Us

THE National Volume Footwear Show

We were 4 vendors whose goal was to exhibit our footwear collections in a professional, elegant and relaxing atmosphere. At the same time, providing the needed privacy for the vendor and retailer to have a profitable working session without interruption. We were extremely frustrated, while working with our major accounts in an open booth/open room shows.

We organized our own mini footwear show at the Rhiga Royale Hotel, which was located on the same property that is now the London Hotel. With our suite concept, our goal was immediately reached. We had the most successful show ever experienced, which included increased volume and new major accounts. The success of our mini footwear show expanded our suite concept to 25 vendors during the next show in New York City.

Within a year, Rhiga management informed us that the building was being sold and that we needed to find another location. The show moved to the Warwick Hotel, where it has continued to thrive over the past 7 years.